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About Lakethorne Group


Lakethorne Group is a privately owned limited company set up in 1985 by Richard Bent. Ours is not a faceless business that gives shareholder returns a higher priority than quality of service. Instead, we put our clients first, aiming always to deliver what we promise and never to promise more than we can deliver. We are known for doing what we say.

Lakethorne Group has grown organically in size (we currently employ nearly 600 permanent staff) and in range – starting as a contract cleaning company, we now provide security guarding and a vast number of facilities management services. Clients tell us they like us because of our attention to detail and our higher quality service. We are often asked to pitch against the giants in our industry by facilities managers in these sectors:

  • business, commerce and industry: agencies, corporates, limited companies
  • charity and not-for-profit: specialist charities, national household names
  • education: primary and secondary schools, academies, sixth form colleges, universities
  • food and drink: supermarkets, distilleries
  • healthcare: ambulance stations, clinics, GP surgeries, hospices, hospitals, well-being centres
  • leisure and sports: gyms, sports centres, theatres
  • retail: chains, shopping centres, supermarkets
  • service: car hire, insurance, investment, property management
  • service: buses.

Some of our clients are multi-site corporates or businesses with branch offices around the country. As a result, we have clients in every London borough and in the South East and the Midlands including Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Milton Keynes, Surrey and Sussex. If you are outside those areas, do ask as our geographical area is expanding.

If you are routinely reviewing your facilities management contracts for cleaning, security guarding or support services, or if you are concerned about the level of service you currently receive and would like clarification of what to expect, please get in touch. We would be delighted to meet you to discuss the service you need.

Read about our business approach in this section using the links on the side bar. For specifics about each of our services, see the sections on contract cleaning, security guarding and facilities management support services.

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