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Additional Services

Additional Services

One of the benefits of Lakethorne offer is that we can enhance your cleaning service through our trusted partners. The benefits to you are:

  • One monthly invoice
  • Account management already in place, no need for separate meetings
  • One point of communication, making speaking to suppliers easier
  • The onsite team can audit these suppliers as part of your monthly reporting, freeing your team up to concentrate on other task.

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Pest Control

Our pest control partner will present a bespoke solution designed to control your existing problems which could be an infestation, or a planned preventative maintenance routine designed to protect your premises on an ongoing basis. Our partner’s operational teams are trained to the highest industry standards and are required to complete a rigorous induction, security screening and ongoing training regime. Our operatives and services are subject to continued regular internal audits which ensure we deliver a best-in-class service to all our customers.



The average client could recycle at least half of the waste it produces. Our fully outsourced waste and recycling management services are designed to reduce the cost of general waste disposal, increase the volumes of recycled materials and help you remain compliant with the latest legislation. Our range of services includes:

  • Identifying where refuse and waste can be reduced
  • Recycling schemes for multi-site offices, retailers, distribution centres or manufacturing centres
  • Scheduled collections of bags, bins and skips
  • Hazardous and WEEE waste disposal
  • On-demand skip hire
  • Confidential waste shredding and recycling
  • Man, and Van waste collection
  • Provision of appropriate equipment to support the service, from recycling bins and boxes through to balers and compactors
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Feminine Hygiene Services

Through our partnership with Essential Services, we are able to offer a full feminine hygiene service which includes the supply and replacement of appropriate bins, emptied and sanitised at a frequency to suit your premises.


Janitorial and Washroom Supplies

We can add your janitorial spend to our invoice, so you have less invoices to process. We enjoy an excellent relationship with our suppliers. As a result, we can offer to supply you with a range of high-quality consumables at very competitive prices for high volume orders. Items we can supply include paper towels, toilet tissue, soap and dispensers, roller towels, air care products, plastic sacks and general cleaning materials.


Dry/ Wet extraction Carpet Cleaning 

We can provide specialist commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning either as a rapid response to a crisis such a flooding, or as part of a scheduled maintenance programme for your site. Through our sister company Safeclean we can also provide domestic carpet, upholstery, rug and curtain cleaning. Our cleaning and stain extraction methods are entirely organic and recommended by leading manufacturers throughout the UK. We will use this team to clean your soft furnishings during our periodic cleans, this will be aimed at deep cleaning carpets and soft furniture such as staff room chairs, if during term time you require emergency cleaning Safeclean are based in our office and can be with you fast.

Hard floor cleaning and maintenance We have a dedicated team that specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of all types of hard floor including stone, tile, wood, wood effect, vinyl and linoleum. Externally, we can clean and protect block paving and decking. While we will use this team for the internal periodics, you may wish to use the team to clean external hard floors.


Window Cleaning External 

We  self-deliver our window cleaning service to our clients by building into our periodic cleaning schedule. All our team and equipment are stored off-site so there will be no disruption to your site when the time for window cleaning comes.

Our periodic schedule means we will clean your windows during Lakethorne aim to provide a bespoke, efficient and environmentally friendly service, which is compliant to both the agreed window cleaning specification and Approved Organisations expectations.

Services will be delivered to British Standards BS 8213: Part 1:1991 Code of Practice for Safety in Use and During Cleaning of Windows and Doors.

Each operative will be Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) cleared to enhanced level and fully aware of the requirements when working in each sector to ensure they go about their work schedules in a safe, effective and friendly manner designed to ensure both their own and the public’s safety at all times.

Hard floor cleaning and maintenance We have a dedicated team that specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of all types of hard floor including stone, tile, wood, wood effect, vinyl and linoleum. Externally, we can clean and protect block paving and decking. While we will use this team for the internal periodics, you may wish to use the team to clean external hard floors.


Oven Cleaning

Our deep cleaning team understand that Burnt-on grease and sticky food debris accumulate on ovens and are notoriously tricky to remove. Getting rid of those greasy patches can be a daunting and laborious task. On top of that, burnt-on oil and fat can contribute to your appliance’s malfunction and shorten its life. Not to mention the hygienic aspect of baking and roasting in a dirty oven.

To avoid it, it is recommended that your oven or cooker receives a systematic cleaning service. Lakethorne Groups preferred oven cleaner provided by Avica is specifically designed to cut through oil, grease, and fatty deposits often found in and around the top of ovens and grills, it features a highly effective solution to remove staining and provide a brilliant finish to your hobs and oven fronts. The cleaner deeply cleanses and removes baked-on stains typically found on the floor of the oven, which helps the efficiency of these machines and helps to give them a longer life. The cleaning of the ovens will happen during our periodic cleaning schedule


Virus Protection

The current climate makes for an even more stressful time for School’s facilities team, Lakethorne on-site operatives will not only have refresher cross contamination training, but they will also have access to the below process especially developed for COVID-19 and schools.

COVID-19 has challenged us to form alliances with chemical and equipment manufactures to help in the design of the next level of bacteria fighting material and innovational cleaning equipment. This partnership has allowed us to develop an enhanced COVID-19 fighting operating model which provides a cost effect way of supporting our existing cleaning arrangements.

 Our revised cleaning model offers two additional stages to our standard cleaning service. Detail below are the three stages to protecting your working environment, staff, visitors and building users.

Stage One – Maintain an effective cleaning solution As a Lakethorne customer you can expect that staff working on your premises are using professional grade cleaning chemical and equipment and are following a detailed cleaning specification. Due to the current lockdown procedures, we are providing varying levels of cover to existing customers which have included more staff for businesses who remain open and reductions in some areas for customers who have been forced to close temporarily. No matter how the pandemic has affected your business we remain committed to deploying staff who are well trained, motivated and work to an agreed and structured shift pattern, supported by our team of dedicated area managers.

 Stage Two – Effective testing & monitoring During these uncertain times we believe it important to evidence to our customers that your cleaning service is measured and evidenced as effective and fit for purpose. To achieve this will can provide regular ATP swab testing to offer rapid validation of your cleaning regime. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme that is present in all living cells, and an ATP monitoring system can detect the amount of organic matter that remains after cleaning. These tests will be managed by our compliance team and can be conducted during a joint inspection process allowing for results to be shared with your building management and stakeholders within 60 seconds of the test.

 Stage Three – ULV fogging providing a protective barrier The final stage of our revised offer allows for a complete sanitisation of your premises using Ultra Low Volume fogging. ULV Fogging is used to disinfect many types of environments and is very common in the medical sector where exceptional hygiene standards are a prerequisite. ULV works by generating a fog or mist formed by Ultra Low Volume droplets between 5 – 50 Microns in Diameter.

Our medical grade chemical is projected into the atmosphere where it disperses onto all vertical and horizontal surfaces killing the following known viruses: Ebola, Coronavirus, Hepatitis, Rabies Virus, Influenza Virus and many more.

All additional services Lakethorne provides are subject to site surveys; we will be able to provide costs once these have been conducted