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How we work


The services we provide might not affect our clients’ business success, but they are essential background services that impact on their reputations. Contract cleaners who underperform; security guards who fail to instill confidence; additional services inadequately fulfilled can cause irritation among staff and create a bad impression with customers. That is why our management team is exceptionally hands-on, concerned about small details as well as the bigger picture, ensuring that every contract runs smoothly, accurately and to the highest standard.


Seven important aspects of the way we work distinguish us from our competitors:

Quality, not price: We are not the most expensive facilities management company but we are not the cheapest, either. Rather than compete on price, we offer a far higher quality of service than our competitors, routinely achieving a client satisfaction score of 8.5 out of 10 or higher.

Flexible, adaptable, and quick to respond: Our fast response helpdesk enables clients to make last minute changes to routines, ask for additional services at short notice, order supplies for urgent delivery or ask for immediate action if health and safety are at risk. We respond quickly and proactively to requests, comments and the unexpected.

Close supervision and hands-on management: A contract is only as good as its management. Every contract is overseen by a specific Lakethorne area manager, named and introduced to potential clients at an early stage, who is available every day to the client. Larger clients might also have a supervisor, present on the premises every day. Managers and supervisors meet fortnightly to discuss experiences and develop best practice; they are supported by a strong head office team providing specialist knowledge, expertise and guidance.

Stability of service from highly motivated staff: Our staff are unusually loyal, long-serving and highly motivated, enabling us to provide our clients with a stable service. Our longest serving cleaner has been with us since 2002; our core team tends to stay with us for over five years.

Transparent pricing: Every time we bid for business we set out exactly what the prospective client will pay for fixed costs, what will vary depending on quantities used, and how much is allocated to essential management overheads. You will know exactly what you are paying for – with no hidden charges. For our largest clients, we audit and analyse their accounts for even greater clarity.

Mutual respect and open, honest communications: Long-lasting relationships are founded on mutual respect and open and honest communications. In addition to providing a communications book at every client’s premises, we ask clients to rate our performance every month using our client satisfaction form. We act immediately on requests or shortcomings. Receiving and responding to feedback is essential in such a competitive industry.

Innovating to add value and save you money: There aren’t many situations that our experienced team hasn’t come across. At the start of every contract we review staffing, methodology and productivity to see how we can improve the service and save the client money. We look at issues from a different and innovative perspective to solve problems and spot opportunities so we can suggest options you might not have considered.

If you would like to discuss contract cleaning, security guarding or our general facilities management services to make your premises pleasant and safe places to work, do get in touch.