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The process


Everything we do at Lakethorne is underpinned by our C.A.R.E Model, this ensures our company constantly and consistently:

  • Check on systems and processes both internally and on client sites
  • Action any areas arising from our checks
  • Review the actions to ensure they are working

Evolve our thinking after action and review to make sure we are at the forefront of our industry

With this process at the heart of our business, we can deliver an excellent service and delight our customers from day 1

The majority of our contracts are overseen by experienced facilities managers whose knowledge of the process, and what is needed, is as detailed as it is possible to be. We work closely with potential clients to understand their core business and priorities so we can build a contract that delivers the service they need.

Meet and view

The first step is an initial meeting with a member of our business development team to learn about your business, its priorities, the scope of the existing contract and, if the existing contract has been failing, what has been going wrong. Walking round your premises is essential – for us to see how your building works and for you to point out priorities or examples of good and bad service. We will also discuss whether TUPE will apply if we win the contract and if there are any untypical health and safety issues we need to accommodate.

Proposal for the work

We put together a proposal – staff, hours, methods, products, frequency of tasks and innovative changes we recommend to improve efficiency or reduce costs. It will include the name of the manager who will be overseeing your contract and, if appropriate for the size of your business, the supervisor who will be based at your premises to manage the team, as well as the names of the people who will be doing the work and some information about their experience and service with Lakethorne. We can include a Living Wage comparison if that would be helpful.

Meet to discuss the proposal

This second meeting, which will usually include the manager responsible for overseeing your contract, will look at the proposal in detail and review your premises in relation to it. We will adjust the proposal, based on your comments.

Mobilisation plan

If we are appointed, we will work with you to agree a timetable for taking over the contract, with a countdown plan to the day it goes live. Our health and safety manager will visit your premises to assess what risks there might be for our staff at work and, for example, whether we need to display signs while at work to alert your staff to risks. We will make recommendations for mitigating risks.


The first few days will demonstrate whether the contract is fit for purpose or whether adjustments need to be made. The manager will work extremely closely with you at this very early stage, introducing the team to new working practices and helping them make the transition so the contract soon runs smoothly. We review contracts every week to start with. As contracts settle down, formal review meetings are held fortnightly then monthly. We troubleshoot daily and ask ask all our clients to tell us, always, about every tiny niggle as soon as it emerges so we can act fast to prevent slips from turning into habits.


We have taken over a contract in one day, and one 15-site contract in a week, but they were exceptional. A month is typical though some clients have to give their incumbent contractor three months’ notice. We will work to whatever timetable suits you.

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