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Lakethorne’s leadership team remains totally focused on providing a safe and hygienically secure working environment for our customers. As an organisation we have organically evolved over the past 35 years, staying ahead of industry cleaning developments and creating new ideas and effective ways of working specifically linked to the needs of our customer base.

COVID 19 has challenged us to take this a step further by forming alliances with chemical and equipment manufacturers to help in the design of the next level of bacteria-fighting material and innovative cleaning equipment.

This partnership has allowed us to develop an enhanced COVID 19-fighting operating model which provides a cost-effective way of supporting our existing cleaning arrangements.

Our revised cleaning model offers two additional stages to our standard cleaning service. Detailed below are the three stages of protecting your working environment, staff, visitors and building users.

Stage One - Maintain an effective cleaning solution

As a Lakethorne customer you can expect that staff working on your premises are using professional grade cleaning chemicals and equipment and are following a detailed cleaning specification.

Due to the current lockdown procedures we are providing varying levels of cover to existing customers which include more staff for businesses who remain open and reductions in some areas for customers who have been forced to close temporarily.

No matter how the pandemic has affected your business, we remain committed to deploying staff who are well-trained and motivated and who work to an agreed and structured shift pattern, supported by our team of dedicated area managers.


Stage Two - Effective testing & monitoring

During these uncertain times we believe it is important to evidence to our customers that their cleaning service is measured and evidenced as effective and fit for purpose. To achieve this we can provide regular ATP swab testing to offer rapid validation of your cleaning regime.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme that is present in all living cells and an ATP monitoring system can detect the amount of organic matter that remains after cleaning.

These tests will be managed by our compliance team and can be conducted during a joint inspection process allowing for results to be shared with your building management and stakeholders within 60 seconds of the test.


Stage Three – ULV fogging providing a protective barrier

The final stage of our revised offer allows for a complete sanitisation of your premises using Ultra Low Volume fogging. ULV fogging is used to disinfect many types of environments and is very common in the medical sector where exceptional hygiene standards are a prerequisite.

ULV works by generating a fog or mist formed by Ultra Low Volume droplets between 5 – 50 microns in diameter. Our medical grade chemical is projected into the atmosphere where it disperses onto all vertical and horizontal surfaces killing the following known viruses: Ebola, Coronavirus, Hepatitis, Rabies Virus, Influenza Virus and many more.


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